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Health and Education Ministers Talk Mental Health at Swanlea

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Education Secretary Justine Greening visited Swanlea School last week.

Swanlea was involved in the CAMHS and Schools Link Training pilot in 2015/16 which saw local models of joint working between schools and mental health services vastly improve. The pilot meant that services worked more smoothly together, and children were able to get the right help quicker through the new, trained school leads, reducing pressure on local CAMHS services and improving the mental health support of all pupils.

The Health Secretary and Education Secretary talked to our students about the services available to them and how Swanlea’s help and support has benefited them and their mental health.

We also showed the minsters the work our students have been doing to raise awareness around mental health. Students were thrilled to present the ‘I Am Me’ campaign, a video and set of images promoting awareness of the issue for young people and the community. Needless to say Education Minister, Justine Greening, was more than impressed and encouraged our students to carry on with raising awareness on such an important topic.

For more information on our mental health campaign please go to :


STARS of Year 13

Below are Swanlea Sixth Forms ‘Stars of Year 13.’ These are the students who not only did incredibly well during Year 12 but who have been actively involved within the school.


Syed Tarin Pasha 

Sociology: A, Government & Politics : A, History: A, English Literature: C

Nadia Miah

English Literature: A, Sociology: C, Religious Studies: C

Hamza Rashid

Chemistry: B, Maths: B, Physics: C, Biology: C

Fahmida Begum

English: B, Psychology: B, Economics: C

Maryam Njie

Psychology: A, History: B. Biology: C

Yasmine Boujdi

Economics: B, Psychology: B, Maths: B

Barwaqoo Jama

Psychology: A, Economics: B, Maths: B

Tharema Begum

History: A, Psychology: A, Biology: C

Fatema Begum

Sociology: A, Bengali: A, Psychology: C

Naseem Ahmed

Economics: B, ICT: B, RE: B

6th Form go to Iceland!

The A-Level Geography group left Swanlea on Friday 10th February to travel to Iceland where we investigated the tectonic processes and learnt about the history behind Iceland’s picturesque glaciers and geysers amongst other geographic sites.

On Saturday morning we took a brief tour of Reykjavik before travelling to the south of Iceland and viewing the Gullfoss waterfall, a popular site where 32 metres of water plummets into the canyon, offering scenic views of the unspoilt nature in Iceland. Shortly after, we traversed to view an array of geysers and witnessed the geyser spring, gaining momentum before ejecting bouts of huge columns of boiling water frequently in the span of a few minutes. After touring this part of Iceland we went to a café that had a viewing pen for the cows and produced ice-cream domestically.

The following day we travelled west of Skógar to the 60 metre tall waterfall Seljaladafoss. This well-known waterfall, located near the volcano glacier Eyjafjallajökull, provided breath-taking views. We had the opportunity to walk into a cave behind the waterfall to view it up close. Afterwards we watched a short film in Iceland about the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption and its effects before visiting ponies near the eruption site. The class was able to interact with the ponies before we set off for the highlands of Iceland to view the glaciers. We hiked to a glacier that has retreated 10 to 15% in recent years due to global warming. We walked upon the ice that was covered in volcanic ash, an aftereffect of the 2010 eruption, before going to the last waterfall. Our class entered the cave that the waterfall was formed in and were able to view the waterfall within close proximity.

During our last day in Iceland we visited a ship wreck near the coast. When we reached the coast we climbed up a cliff near the coast in small groups, to minimise the risk of falling down the steep cliff. From the top we could see the rolling wave’s crash into each other and the ant-like birds sitting in the nooks of the surrounding cliffs as we stood at the edge of the precipice.

This was an amazing opportunity to not only experience a different culture, but we also learnt about tectonic plates in a way we never could have inside a classroom!

By Anika Haque – Year 13


Sixth Students become Safeguarding Ambassadors

A group of 20 students from across the sixth form have been taking part in a weekly project where they have been trained to become Safeguarding Ambassadors. The project has been delivered by the community organisation Upstanding Neighbourhoods. Students have learned about issues ranging from drugs awareness to gang culture and online safety. They are now equipped to pass on this knowledge to other young people and help to keep their school community safe!

At the end of the project the students presented what they had learned to representatives from the local council and community, and they were treated to a celebration meal and a performance from Omar, a beatbox artist. 







University Offers!

Swanlea’s Sixth Form students have university offers coming in fast! This is a very exciting time for all of them and it’s only the beginning!

Students are receiving a range of offers from different universities for a wide variety of subjects, including:

  • Biomedical Science,
  • Economics,
  • Psychology & Criminology,
  • Accounting & Finance,
  • Engineering

Our year 13 students have received offers from a range of universities such as Kings College, University of Warwick, Queen Mary, SOAS, University of Exeter, and as far away as the University of Liverpool.

We are looking forward to seeing what other offers come in and wish all our students the very best of luck with their applications.

6th Form Enrolment – 2017

You can download the application form from the link below

Swanlea 6th Form Application Form

Please email/post completed application forms to:

Swanlea Sixth Form

31 Brady Street
E1 5DJ

Ms P Singh  can be contacted for further information.

Our rapidly expanding sixth form is made up of around 250 students and is an exciting environment full of fantastic opportunities and exceptional teaching. Students are encouraged to take advantage of growing up in the capital and we have extensive links with international businesses that provide access to unique extracurricular activities. Alongside this, we have an excellent relationship with some of the top universities in the country, and the number of students going on to higher education is at an all-time high- with more than 90% of students going on to study at university. Our diverse approach to learning and extensive academic support network has allowed the sixth form to grow from strength to strength each year, and we are exceptionally proud of our young adults and all that they achieve.


Swanlea A-Level Exam Results Overview 2016

With the 2016 exam season now at an end, it proved to be another landmark year for Swanlea School; an effort owed to the dedicated hard work of the entire Swanlea community.
The landmark achievement relates to the highest ever A-level results in our school’s history with 82% A*-C. This figure represents the collaborative efforts of all our students, their families and staff over the years that they have attended Swanlea. Education is a life-long marathon; one that must be run with a sustained consistency over a long period of time. It is a race that continues as a number of students have been awarded places at some of the top universities around the country, studying a diverse range of degree courses including; Neuroscience, Pharmacy, Engineering, Law, Mathematics, Politics, Music and much more.


The list below represents our top-ten achievers:
Rifah Anjum                      Biology A*, Psychology A*, Chemistry A
Yahya Sandhu                  Business Studies A, Economics A, Sociology A
Ikram Hussain                  Economics A, History A, Maths A
Roda Abokor                     Biology A, Chemistry A, Maths A, Physics A
Hamidur Rahman           Chemistry A, Maths A, Biology B
Farhana Begum               Economics A, RE A, English Lit. B
Merouane Ait-Hocine    Biology A, Chemistry A, Maths B
Parvin Begum                  Sociology A*, Govt. & Politics B, English Lit. B
Sami Hussain Bari          Economics A, Italian A, Maths B
Imrana Begum                 Psychology A, Sociology A, Biology C