Ambassadors of Faith and Belief

Swanlea sixth form students have been participating in the Tower Hamlets’ Ambassadors of Faith and Belief (AFAB) Scheme which supports primary schools to deliver presentations on a range of religious themes. Swanlea students will talk about their own practices and beliefs and explain to primary school children how this affect them in wider society. It is a great opportunity to promote the values of inclusivity within our community. The students are also trained and empowered our with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver high quality presentation skills which will help them in other areas of their academic development.

Below are just a few comments from some of the students involved:

I can honestly say that taking part in AFAB was an unforgettable opportunity.  I am truly grateful I took up this experience. “

I would recommend this experience to anyone who is passionate about teaching, religious education or both! Just imagine how great it would look on your UCAS application!”

Alima Rahman 12W

“Before going to the first training, I felt nervous because I didn’t know how the other people would be like. However, when I arrived at Mowlem Primary School, the leaders of the lesson made me feel welcome and I interacted with other AFAB ambassadors quickly. The leaders taught me numerous new skills needed to be an ambassador, such as guidelines and principle that inform your presentation.  I found how to answer questions in a Q&A session particularly useful, especially as younger students are quite likely to ask challenging and sometimes random questions.

Overall, I am more confident and excited about performing my role as an AFAB ambassador.”

Maisha Giash 12A

The leaders were welcoming, making sure all the AFAB ambassadors felt comfortable and made sure everyone’s opinions and points were heard and equally valued. I’m now looking forward to future sessions and going into primary schools as an AFAB ambassador!”

Maisha Hussain 12A