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Year 13 Students Graduate!

On Monday 1st July our year 13 students had their graduation at Regents Lake Banqueting Venue. It was a bittersweet moment for both our staff and students. Saying goodbye to Swanlea was hard for all but everyone was excited for the opportunities the students would soon experience.

Naajiya Sultana and Hamdi Mohamed said a few words to their fellow students and teachers. They both thanked their teachers and everyone at Swanlea. Hamdi said that while it’s sad for them to leave Swanlea  “the future is bright and we as Swanlea sixth formers are all, definitely prepared for it.”

Goodbye and good luck to the Class of 2019!




GCSE Exams and Eid Notice

Please click on the link for information on our exam procedures during Eid Eid & Exams


We will be closed on Tuesday 4th June to celebrate Eid ul Fitr.  ALL Y11 students MUST attend school at 8.30am for their public exams in full school uniform.  Students will be released after their last exam.  KS5 students must arrive for 8.30am or 1pm if they have a public exam.  We would like to wish all our students and their families Eid Mubarak. 

Skills & Opportunities at Swanlea

On Wednesday 1st May, Swanlea School hosted a ‘Skills & Opportunities Event’ with Year 8 students, delivered by Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership.

The event was divided into various workshops, each one developing a key employability, enterprise or financial concept or skill. The media company NBC Universal supported the event with 35 business volunteers working with the students in small groups.

These events are designed to raise the aspirations and confidence of the students while giving them practical help and advice for the future.

Comments from the students included:

‘We enjoyed making the paper tower because it made us work together and help us communicate with each other more. We also enjoyed filling out the ‘Who Am I’ sheet because it helped us choose what we wanted to do.’

‘We learnt about soft skills, what others wanted to be. We also learnt whatever you do have to put your heart in it and never let others decide what you want to be.’

‘We enjoyed communicating with the group and learning new information. We also enjoyed creating a CV and talking to the volunteers.’

Comments from the volunteers included:

‘The students were fantastic and surprising. Their energy and intelligence really showed, I felt their confidence and team building skills were greatly improved by the end of the day.’

‘I believe the students gained a better understanding of their own skills, the team building activities helped the students to understand and learn how team working is done.’

‘I believe the students gained a good introduction to talking about careers and skills they need. The opportunity to talk to people outside school/family environment.’

‘I believe the students who wanted to learn or gain an insight, I felt they took a sense of media as a career where as others learnt a few tools to use when applying for jobs.’



I AM ME – Mental Health Awareness Campaign

 On Monday 29th April 2019, Swanlea School launched the second part of the I AM ME mental health awareness campaign. The event was attended by a number of professionals from public health, to artists, the Ideas Store and of course Swanlea’s own school governors and parents/carers.

I AM ME is a campaign created by Swanlea Students to raise awareness surrounding mental health. Swanlea School has developed a creative partnership with The Mile End Community Project (MCP) where students have been given the opportunity to express their views on mental health via the medium of film and other various media outlets. In our previous campaign, we created a film and photo campaign to depict one of the many ways mental health can affect young people.

This year Swanlea School have worked with The Mile End Community Project, The Ideas Store and the Spine Festival to create a brand new photo campaign, where students express their own individuality. MCP and the Ideas Store ran a number of workshops, including a spoken word session, discussions about mental health, art and design sessions and performing spoken word. Students learnt to use the camera to film and take professional pictures.

Students also recorded their spoken word pieces, which were printed on their individual campaign images. The spoken word was recorded performance-style, creating a better understanding of what each students was trying to express. They were available to listen to in special ‘sound booths’ set up by Swanlea School during the event.

The aim is to raise awareness of mental health and to encourage all people, no matter what age, race, gender or sexuality, to embrace who they are. We want to encourage conversation around mental health and let people know support is there for them.

I AM ME not only highlights mental health issues amongst young people, but also the wider community.

Swanlea School wish to create a community where it’s not taboo to talk about mental health and where everyone, whether you suffer from mental health or know someone who does, has the opportunity to receive help from the numerous organisations and services available supporting mental health.

A huge well done to our students involved, from year 12: Mohona Qader, Adnan Alam, Fatima Mohammed, Marwan Ahmed, Kawsar Ali, Rimaz Salih and from year 10: Yusuf Khan and Agnes McLaughlin.


Photo by- Nurull Islam
Photo by- Nurull Islam
Photo by- Zara Islam
Photo by – Nurull Islam
Photo – Zara Islam


Swanlea’s Social Action

During a 6 week project, nine year 9 students worked with State Street Employees, Volunteering Matters and Think Forward to explore mental health and create a podcast on the topic.

This was a social action project giving our students the chance to talk about issues affecting young people and to inform adults on the best way to approach the subject with them.

The students had to complete four sessions with the support of State Street Mentors to explore what is mental health, how does it affect them, what do they know about the subject, what would they like to share about the subject.

Session one was information gathering, Session 2 looked in more detail about some of the causes and outcomes of Mental Health, Session 3 was mic work and debates and finally we created a podcast.

The students were amazing with a number of them producing excellent and thoughtful content. They were supportive of the group and they were considerate around what people did and did not want to say.




Year 8 Football Tournament

A few weeks ago, the Year 8 football team participated in a 7 a-side tournament against 2 other schools in Tower Hamlets. It was at Victoria Park and was organised by Queen Mary’s University.

In the first match, it was Swanlea vs Stepney Green. Our team struck a goal first with a long-range shot into the bottom corner. However, only a few minutes later, the Stepney winger did a brilliant cross to the striker who then scored. It was 1-1 and Swanlea were determined to win. We made many chances with crosses and passes in the oppositions’ box but unfortunately we couldn’t execute an on-target finish.

In Swanlea’s second match, we were opposing St Michael’s Catholic College. In this match, Swanlea had most possession of the ball the majority of the time and made several chances for a goal. However, St Michael’s goalkeeper did some brilliant saves against Swanlea’s wingers and strikers. Fortunately, near the end of the match, Swanlea’s left-winger dribbled through their midfielders and defenders, passing it into the back of St Michael’s net.

At the end of this tournament, Stepney Green won with 1st place and St Michael’s were 2nd due to goal difference. Swanlea were declared 3rd place!