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Year 8 Football Tournament

A few weeks ago, the Year 8 football team participated in a 7 a-side tournament against 2 other schools in Tower Hamlets. It was at Victoria Park and was organised by Queen Mary’s University.

In the first match, it was Swanlea vs Stepney Green. Our team struck a goal first with a long-range shot into the bottom corner. However, only a few minutes later, the Stepney winger did a brilliant cross to the striker who then scored. It was 1-1 and Swanlea were determined to win. We made many chances with crosses and passes in the oppositions’ box but unfortunately we couldn’t execute an on-target finish.

In Swanlea’s second match, we were opposing St Michael’s Catholic College. In this match, Swanlea had most possession of the ball the majority of the time and made several chances for a goal. However, St Michael’s goalkeeper did some brilliant saves against Swanlea’s wingers and strikers. Fortunately, near the end of the match, Swanlea’s left-winger dribbled through their midfielders and defenders, passing it into the back of St Michael’s net.

At the end of this tournament, Stepney Green won with 1st place and St Michael’s were 2nd due to goal difference. Swanlea were declared 3rd place!



Singing for East London!

On Monday 11th February, the Swanlea Choir took part in the Stratford and East London Music Festival, an annual competition for all musicians in South Woodford.

The choir were entered for two categories, Youth Choir-Open and Youth Choir-Theatre. In the Open class they performed in Latin, “Panis Angelicus” by Cesar Franck and “Colours of the Wind” from Pocahontas by Alan Menken. After giving a most musical and confident performance they were awarded second place behind reigning champions, Modality, a superb choir who performed “Adiemus” by Karl Jenkins and “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman with slick choreography!

In the Theatre class Swanlea relaxed a little and showed off their fun side with “Little Shop of Horrors” and “Seasons of Love” from Rent, bringing home the trophy for first prize!

The adjudicator gave his very fair and helpful comments on both performances. He made positive references to their gentle choral tone and offered advice on how to achieve a better balance between all voices in the group. Something to develop for next year!

For some, this was their first competition, although for Maya Khan of 9C this was her third year of competing with Swanlea! When asked what she liked best about singing in the choir, Maya said

“Singing really relaxes me and I love it when we sing in two and three part harmonies as it just sounds so good!”

We’d love more students to be involved, especially the boys! Swanlea, if you like singing then head to M5 after school on Tuesdays and see what’s happening. You will be very welcome!

Well done to all who took part this year. We are very proud of you.

1st Sopranos: Harriet Nodder, Halima Begum, Saima Ahmed, Mariam Ali, Ana Maria Loladze, Silvia Zakir, Kezia Stanley, Cerian Bright,

2nd Sopranos: Anjuma Anbia, Maya Khan, Naima Anbia, Aamna Malik, Maisha Azizur, Daania Iqbal, Isra Alam, Aaliyah Khan

3rd/Altos: Adi Khan, Ameer Alyas




 Kezia Stanley of 7A recently starred in the Year 7 Drama club performance as the lead role, Terry Dumpton, in “The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty.” Kezia recently completed her LAMDA Level 1 award in Shakespeare with a DISTINCTION! Mrs Coulson caught up with her to find out all about it.

Mrs C: What is LAMDA and how did you get involved with it?

Kezia: LAMDA stands for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. I found out about it because I joined an acting club outside of school called Pollyanna Training Theatre. They have a great website so to find out more about them you can visit:

Mrs C: Your certificate says that your Award is in Shakespeare. What did you have to do?

Kezia: The category that I was tested on was called Shakespeare Studies. I read an extract of Helena’s speech from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ After memorising my lines, it was time for the exam. I was marked on my knowledge of the play and the presentation of my speech. I had to demonstrate that I had a really good understanding of the character and the scene. I had to use movement and facial expressions to convince the examiner that I was Helena.

Mrs C: That sounds interesting! I bet you learned a lot about ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ Did you choose that category?

Kezia: Yes, I did. There are many other exams you can do such as Musical Theatre and Acting. Right now I am doing Poems and Prose.

Mrs C: Well done on getting a DISTINCTION! 91/100- wow! You must be really pleased?

Kezia: I was! I got a really nice certificate and some good feedback in the comments from the examiner so I definitely know what to expect next time.

If you would like to know more about LAMDA, visit their website: or speak to Miss Blackford or Kezia!



Tony Gallagher Visits Swanlea

On Thursday 31st January year 12 students had the privilege to welcome Tony Gallagher, the editor of The Sun. In a 50-minute session, students were given the opportunity to hear about the career that Mr. Gallagher had chosen and how he got to where he is now, despite his humble beginnings.

Tony Gallagher was faced with some challenging questions provided by sixth form students, who were eager to question his association with a newspaper that generates both acclaim and controversy nationwide. Students agreed that Mr. Gallagher gave comprehensive answers to their questions. He was very astute in his speech and was very skilled at expressing his viewpoints on the matters put forward before him.

Born 2nd November 1963 in Bow, Tony Gallagher came from a working class background. Like many Swanlea students, Mr. Gallagher was brought up in the bustling East End area. It would be quite the understatement to say that Mr. Gallagher had a very illustrious career, which started at Bristol University, where he began his journey as a trainee journalist. In 1990, Gallagher become a reporter for The Daily Mail (one of Britain’s largest newspapers) where he was famed for his exclusive coverages pertaining to Princess Diana. In 2006, 16 years after joining The Daily Mail, Gallagher became head of news at The Daily Telegraph. He progressed from Head of News to Deputy Editor in 2007. In 2009, he was promoted to editor finally relinquishing his role in 2014. In 2015, he finally became the Editor-in-Chief of The Sun.

Students were inspired by Gallagher’s prominent position, despite his background, especially as he did not have friends working in the sector to pull any strings for him! He is the epitome of what you can achieve with hard work and dedication.

Tony Gallagher’s visit to Swanlea was beneficial to us as students as we realise that like Mr Gallagher, we must seize the moment to make an impact whenever an opportunity seems to present itself. All students went away knowing that there was hard work remaining in order for us to achieve our goals but that the reward will be worth the effort!

By Furqan Rashid – Year 12 student



Swanlea School’s Careers Fair

On Thursday 14th February we hosted our very first careers fair. Professionals from various industries and companies set up stalls with information about their job roles to inform and inspire our students. We had individuals from the Home Office, NHS, Bank of America, Metropolitan Police, the London Air Ambulance, StructureTone, Canary Wharf Group PLC, VISA, the Department of Work and Pensions, UCL, Goldsmiths University, SOAS and many more. The purpose of this event was to guide students into thinking about their career choices and provide them with information about different pathways.

Throughout the course of the day we had year 10 and 11 students, sixth formers and select KS3 students go to the event. At the end of the school day, parents and students were welcome to attend. The event was an astounding success, with over 30 companies attending. The students were very positive about the whole experience, some even applying to carry out work experience during the Summer holidays.

The professional visitors were also impressed with our school and students.

A staff member from St Bart’s Health commented, “the students were engaged, polite and driven.”

Jeremy York, from the Metropolitan Police said, “The students have shown a positive attitude to police work.”

Sonia and Natasha from the Department of Work and Pensions said, “We identified a variety of career goals from students that show they have real passion and ambition, especially when it comes to helping people.”

Rhiannon Evans from the London Air Ambulance mentioned, “the students were genuinely interested and engaged, asking lots of questions. It’s always nice building a local connection as the Air Ambulance is right across the road from Swanlea School!”

Mark Jones, from StructureTone commented that the careers fair was “a great opportunity to support and provide insight to local schools and to engage with students who express an interest in construction.”

Thank you to all the companies and individuals who supported this event and helped make it so successful.

Deloitte Mentoring Launch Event

On Tuesday 5th February, twelve year 12 students met their Deloitte mentors at the Deloitte office at New Street Square. As a part of the programme, each student benefit from one-to one mentoring and coaching.

The launch was very successful and started off with a very entertaining round of Human Bingo to prepare the students and mentors for the evening ahead! Mentors and mentees then introduced each other to the whole group. This gave mentees the opportunity to network and get to know other professionals. After the networking activity, there was a game of “Build a Bridge” using paper, pipe cleaners and cello tape. It was a very competitive game with tense results! The winning team were awarded with a very rare and hard to come by Deloitte branded note book.

Mentees will now be more confident meeting their mentors one to one. As in previous years, we hope that students and mentors build long lasting and supportive professional relationships.

Students who attended the launch commented:

“I was expecting people in grey suits, however the professionals were fun and outgoing and really interesting. I am so eager to learn from them and really appreciate this opportunity. I will make the most of it” – Sayeeda Anisa Begum

“I really enjoyed the launch event. I cannot wait to meet my mentor again” – Basit Alam



Ambassadors of Faith and Belief

Swanlea sixth form students have been participating in the Tower Hamlets’ Ambassadors of Faith and Belief (AFAB) Scheme which supports primary schools to deliver presentations on a range of religious themes. Swanlea students will talk about their own practices and beliefs and explain to primary school children how this affect them in wider society. It is a great opportunity to promote the values of inclusivity within our community. The students are also trained and empowered our with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver high quality presentation skills which will help them in other areas of their academic development.

Below are just a few comments from some of the students involved:

I can honestly say that taking part in AFAB was an unforgettable opportunity.  I am truly grateful I took up this experience. “

I would recommend this experience to anyone who is passionate about teaching, religious education or both! Just imagine how great it would look on your UCAS application!”

Alima Rahman 12W

“Before going to the first training, I felt nervous because I didn’t know how the other people would be like. However, when I arrived at Mowlem Primary School, the leaders of the lesson made me feel welcome and I interacted with other AFAB ambassadors quickly. The leaders taught me numerous new skills needed to be an ambassador, such as guidelines and principle that inform your presentation.  I found how to answer questions in a Q&A session particularly useful, especially as younger students are quite likely to ask challenging and sometimes random questions.

Overall, I am more confident and excited about performing my role as an AFAB ambassador.”

Maisha Giash 12A

The leaders were welcoming, making sure all the AFAB ambassadors felt comfortable and made sure everyone’s opinions and points were heard and equally valued. I’m now looking forward to future sessions and going into primary schools as an AFAB ambassador!”

Maisha Hussain 12A