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Careers in Theatre!

Students from the BTEC Performing Arts classes spent a whole day at the Half Moon Theatre in Limehouse working with industry professionals in varying disciplines including lighting, design, stage management, sound and performance to create a fantastic piece of theatre in just one day! This was based on an exciting extract from a script currently in development at the theatre. Students drew on their creativity and worked alongside professionals gaining knowledge and experience of the work that goes on behind the scenes to create a professional performance.

Tahsin from Year 9 said, “I would definitely consider a career in theatre after this experience, not just because of how fun it was but because I would love to do it as a job and now I can consider other things like lighting and not just acting.”


By Daniella Blackford – Acting Head of Drama

Fearless Futures!

About Fearless Futures

This Peer Power programme is eight weeks long. It supports young female students in Year 12 to develop their knowledge and understanding of gender and connected inequalities. Girls critically engage with the invisibilised and normalised messages which shape their experiences of the world. In addition, they work collaboratively to create a workshop that they deliver to year 8 female students, developing powerful and transformative new ways to lead within their communities.

The programme engages year 12 female students in eight deep experiential learning episodes to:

  • Enhance their critical thinking
  • Develop their meta-cognition through reflecting on the process of learning
  • Build on their confidence and grow their resilience
  • Refine their leadership capacity

We are offering transformational opportunity to 12 year 12 female students again this year.

Quotes from students who took part last year:

Aissatou Djabi

“I enjoyed the Fearless Futures programme because it was so much fun! I found it useful to talk about the struggles that women go through. My favourite part was having open discussions with other members of the group in a female only safe space. I felt that everybody’s opinion was respected. It helped me realise that a lot of the barriers women face are shared and not necessarily spoken about. It allowed me to find confidence within myself to speak openly about the inequalities within society from a gender perspective.”


Amina Ghedda 1

“We were able to have an open dialogue about the barriers that women face in society. My favourite part of the programme was presenting our project work to a group of year 8 girls. This allowed me to overcome my fears in presenting to an audience.”

Hamdi Mohamed

“I realised that being a young woman is not a weakness but a powerful status that helps me to work hard so that I can overcome obstacles.”

BAME Leadership Programme – Application

A development programme for leaders with global majority backgrounds

The programme is for middle leaders from BAME backgrounds keen to consider the steps to senior leadership and beyond. Twilight seminars and school placements will help participants build confidence, skills and knowledge. Inspirational leaders and role models from education will lead workshops combining a mix of input and practical activity. They will also share their experiences as BAME leaders in education.

For more information, including the dates of the BAME programme and the application, please click here

Minority Ethnic Educators’ Conference

The Minority Ethnic Educators’ Conference will be on Saturday 24th November, 9am-4.15pm at Swanlea School!

This conference will include a day of panel discussions, academic insights and high quality CPD sessions aimed at empowering BAME teachers to access opportunities at every level of school leadership.

For more information and tickets please click on the image below!







A-Levels Success!

Well done to all our year 13 students who received amazing results for their A- Level exams. We are incredibly proud of the achievements of our students and wish them all the best at university.

Below is a list of what some of our top achievers will be doing next:

Tarin Pasha – 3As – Government & Politics at LSE

Nadiyah Shah 1A*, 1A, 1C – Architecture at Kent University

Barwaqo Jama – 1 A + 2 Bs – Economics at SOAS

Hamza Rashid – 1 A + 2 Bs – Computer Science at Queen Mary University

Yasmine Boujdi – 1 A, 1 B, 1 C – Economics at Queen Mary University

Shumana Begum – 1A, 1B, 1C – Psychology at Queen Mary University

Our BTEC students did incredibly well too, with majority of our students achieving a Distinction* (D*) or/and Distinction (D)! Below are some of our top achieving BTEC students:

Mahfuz Hussain – D*, D*, D*

Fahad Hussen  – D*, D*, D*

Tahir Alam  – D*, D*, D*

Zara Bilal – D*, D*, D*

Tanjina Aktar – D*, D*, D*

Shakil Ahmed – D*, D*, D

Anisur Rahman – D*, D*, D*

Syed Ali – D*, D*, D*

Syeda Haque – D*, D*, D*

Amir Hamza – D*, D*, D*

Tasnim Sultana – D*, D*, D*

Zaida Islam -D*, D*, D*

Rujina Mukit D*, D*, D*

Shaymaa Mohammed D*, D*, D*

Mahir Ahmed – D*, D*, D

Syed Amhed – D*, D*, D

Ismaeel Rahman – D*, D*, D

Arif Abdul – D*, D*, D

Jawad Haque – D*, D*, D

Mahdi Rahman – D*, D*, D

Shafi Islam – D*, D*, D

Neha Hoque – D*, D, D

Rima Begum – D*, D, D


Finally, well done and congratulations to the winners of the Swanlea Sixth Form Governors Bursary.

The Swanlea Sixth Form Governors Bursary was introduced in 2017 and is awarded annually to 3/4 successful year 13 students who are going to university, have met their target grades and have achieved 94% and over in attendance and punctuality.

The bursaries are worth £7500 for a three-year university course.

This year we have awarded the bursary to:

Tarin Pasha – will be studying Government & Politics at LSE

Barwaqo Jama – will be studying Economics at SOAS

Hamza Rashid – will be studying Computer Science at Queen Mary University

Mahfuz Hussain – will be studying Computer Science at Goldsmiths University

Congratulations to all our students for achieving such successful results and a massive thank you to all our dedicated staff, parents/carers and governors for supporting us in achieving these results!