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BAME Leadership Programme – Application

A development programme for leaders with global majority backgrounds

The programme is for middle leaders from BAME backgrounds keen to consider the steps to senior leadership and beyond. Twilight seminars and school placements will help participants build confidence, skills and knowledge. Inspirational leaders and role models from education will lead workshops combining a mix of input and practical activity. They will also share their experiences as BAME leaders in education.

For more information, including the dates of the BAME programme and the application, please click here

Minority Ethnic Educators’ Conference

The Minority Ethnic Educators’ Conference will be on Saturday 24th November, 9am-4.15pm at Swanlea School!

This conference will include a day of panel discussions, academic insights and high quality CPD sessions aimed at empowering BAME teachers to access opportunities at every level of school leadership.

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PGCE Feedback!

At Swanlea we pride ourselves in providing the best opportunities for our students, staff and also our PGCE students. As a teaching school we strive to inspire future teachers by delivering a positive and rewarding experience at Swanlea School.
At the end of every PGCE student’s time, we ask them for feedback on their experiences at Swanlea. See below for a few comments made by some former student teachers.


“The colleagues in the BIS faculty were very kind and friendly from the start. They made the faculty staffroom a pleasant and safe environment to be. They were willing to help me any time despite their busy schedules, making me feel like a part of their team from the beginning.”

Ms. Fijiwala, Economics


“I enjoyed taking part in weekly meetings and I believe it helped me to improve fundamental teacher values and gave me the opportunity to ask all sorts of questions regarding my ongoing development as a teacher.”

– Mr. Bailey, PE


“Swanlea has been a very supportive place to learn how to teach music and I have enjoyed it immensely. I would recommend Swanlea as a good place to train to teach.”

-Mr. Clark-Maxwell, Music



“The student centred learning session delivered through the City Excellence Partnership was incredibly helpful in highlighting and emphasising the importance of ensuring students are challenged and engaged.”

-Ms. Omar, Social Science


“The quality of support I received from my mentor from my very first day was nothing short of amazing. From my very first day, I felt very welcome at Swanlea as part of the team and faculty […] I have personally had an amazing experience during my time here and would like to return to teach here in the future.”

-Mr. Chowdhury, Economics


“I would recommend Swanlea 110%. I started this placement having thought I wasn’t good at teaching; I will leave this placement having secured an NQT position. This would not have been possible without the help and support I have received from everyone here at Swanlea.”

-Ms Hasan, History








BAME Conference

The BAME conference took place on Friday 29th June and Saturday 30th June. Teachers from different schools came together to participate in all the activities that took place. This included a talk from keynote speaker Jessica Reece. Participants also took part in an In-Tray exercise, interview practise and received personal statement feedback.
There was a lot of positive feedback from the conference. See below for a few of the testimonials.

“I no longer think like a middle manager, but more like an SLT. I am more sympathetic to the background of the daily whole school running, and have a greater understanding of pressure, and decision that need to be made.”

– Feione Cooper


“Thanks to this course I am now an associate Senior Leader. I’m now more equipped to progress on my journey to the top. I’m now more connected than I have ever been.”

– Mohammed

“It was fantastically organised with knowledge and tasks that I need to succeed in my profession.”


“A great opportunity to combine theory and practical experience of a leader. Great being in a room with BME leaders and an opportunity to meet with BME role models.”

– Norma Nelson

“I started out as a Manager and have finished as a Leader.”


“The Swanlea – IOE partnership surpassed my expectations of the course. I enjoyed every learning minute and made new friends.”


“A fabulous opportunity to learn from expert and experienced leaders- very inspiring. Mock interview and personal statement feedback experience was invaluable.”

-Amanda Thompson