City Excellence in Teaching Literacy

Swanlea was proud to host the annual City Excellence in Teaching Literacy Training on the 1st and the 15th March 2017.

Lauren Clease delivered a fantastic session on Literacy with plenty of practical strategies for implementing it across the curriculum. It was an inspiring session with a very important message: We are all teachers of Literacy.

The full cohort of 55+ trainee teachers from across our partner schools was incredibly positive, as is evident in these testimonials:

“A useful session, making literacy seem less daunting and boring to teach”

“It will help my teaching as I can use literacy as a differentiation strategy to challenge high ability students”

The trainee teachers’ own presentation of their action research back at their schools was a great opportunity to share best practice across the City Excellence partnership, which continues to promote the collaborative nature of the work we do in developing and training our young teachers.