Coronavirus: Advice on staying safe and what you can do if you are worried

Advice provided by Psychologist Laverne Antrobus

1.  Don’t bottle up your worries – Talk to a trusted adult

2.  Find different ways to stay in touch with elderly relatives – either by telephone or video call

3.  Get your information from trusted sources – like Doctors, NHS and Newsround

4.  Don’t worry about what you cannot control – Do what you can to control the spread of the virus, Wash your hands and follow the advice of Doctors

5.  Do things you enjoy and keep yourself busy – you could try reading a book, playing a board game or doing some arts and crafts.

6.  If your school has closed and you are at home – Your school can provide you will all the schoolwork and revision materials you need

7.  Organise your day – Try to ensure that you have time to study, but also time to relax.

8. Follow the NHS advice about staying in your home – The NHS website  advises that you should stay at home to stop coronavirus spreading, but they do say that you can do one form of exercise per day, for example a run, walk or cycle alone (inform parents) or with members of your  household.