Deloitte Mentoring Launch Event

On Tuesday 5th February, twelve year 12 students met their Deloitte mentors at the Deloitte office at New Street Square. As a part of the programme, each student benefit from one-to one mentoring and coaching.

The launch was very successful and started off with a very entertaining round of Human Bingo to prepare the students and mentors for the evening ahead! Mentors and mentees then introduced each other to the whole group. This gave mentees the opportunity to network and get to know other professionals. After the networking activity, there was a game of “Build a Bridge” using paper, pipe cleaners and cello tape. It was a very competitive game with tense results! The winning team were awarded with a very rare and hard to come by Deloitte branded note book.

Mentees will now be more confident meeting their mentors one to one. As in previous years, we hope that students and mentors build long lasting and supportive professional relationships.

Students who attended the launch commented:

“I was expecting people in grey suits, however the professionals were fun and outgoing and really interesting. I am so eager to learn from them and really appreciate this opportunity. I will make the most of it” – Sayeeda Anisa Begum

“I really enjoyed the launch event. I cannot wait to meet my mentor again” – Basit Alam