Excellent GCSE Results 2017!

We are incredibly proud of the achievements of our students, who have once again excelled in their GCSE results!

Here are a few stats:

  • 27% of students also achieved a grade 7 or better.
  • 38% of all entries were 9 to 8 (A*/A**).
  • 21% of all entries were 9 to 7 (A/A*/A**).
  • 50% of all entries were 9 to 5 (A**-B)
  • 73% of all entries were 9-4 (A**-C).
  • Over a quarter of all girls GCSE grades were A/A*/A**.
  • Our school has achieved an estimated progress 8 score of +0.21 (based on initial forecasts) and a provisional attainment 8 score of 47.5.
  • 28% and 26% of students achieved a good and strong pass respectively in the English Baccalaureate.
  • 65% of students achieved a good pass in both English & Maths and 44% of Students achieved a strong pass in both English & Maths.
  •  In English 79% of students achieved a good pass and 62% of students achieved a strong pass.
  • In Maths 71% of students achieved a good pass and 49% of students a strong pass.

Based on initial forecasts of progress, girls are expected to have out-performed their peers nationally by over half a grade –initial forecast of Progress 8 for is girls +0.72.Girls attainment is excellent with an average attainment 8 score of 52 (Grade 5).

Students with low prior attainment have made exceptional progress (based on initial forecast) with a progress 8 score of +0.96 (nearly a grade above their peers nationally according to initial forecasts)

Sadia Ahmed (Pictured above) is one of only 2000 students across the country to achieve 9s in English Language, English Literature and Maths. 6 students achieved the top grade of a 9 in maths and 13 achieved an 8.There were 6 grade 9s in English and 19 8s across language and literature.

Congratulations to all our students and thank you to all staff, students, parents/carers and governors who have supported Swanlea School during the year.