Welcome to Key Stage 3

At Swanlea, we have a three year (Years 7-9) KS3 curriculum which is broad and balanced in offering all students the opportunity to build their skills and knowledge in a range of subjects.

Students are given a limited range of GCSE option choices at Year 8 and a larger range at the end of Year 9. Students are allowed to choose from GCSE courses in Geography, History, Business Studies or ICT. At the end of Year 9 these choices are reviewed and a full GCSE option process takes place.

Students are taught in mixed ability groupings in all subjects apart from English, Maths and Science, which operate on a setting system from early on in Year 7. We provide additional support for students in Literacy and Numeracy for those with specific learning or language difficulties.

Paper copies of curriculum and policies can be obtained on request for free.

Key Stage 3 News

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