KS3 Enrichment

At Swanlea School we run a wide range of fantastic Enrichment Programme/extra-curricular after school activities which give students opportunities to get involved in a wide range of projects, societies and activities in Sport, Creative and Performing Arts as well as academic subjects.

Pupils experience a range of activities that include individual activities and team sports and in a competitive and non-competitive context. PE also aims to develop pupil’s social skills, meet pupils’ emotional needs, and physically challenge them to be the best they can be. Sport also allows us to explore and develop soft skills like resilience, leadership and communication throughout lessons. We offer a range of opportunities to develop competence and confidence in physical literacy. Pupils have further opportunities to achieve excellence through attending daily extra-curricular clubs, borough and county competitions and fixtures. Our extra-curricular provision includes football for both girls and boys, KS4 Gym club, Badminton & Table tennis, Basketball, Trampolining and a multi-sport girls’ club.

Many activities are run by our own qualified teaching staff; we also work with external organisations and specialist providers to ensure a high quality offer for students.  We encourage all our students to take part in at least one activity, to enrich their experience and enjoyment of learning as well as develop new skills, interests and friendships. Unless otherwise stated, the programme runs from 3.15pm – 4.45pm each day.Students also have the opportunity to express their individual interest in other activities they would like the school to run, their opinion is much valued. Students are encouraged to develop their potential at every opportunity.

Below is an outline of some of the events and activities which students engage in to enrich their personal development delivered through the extended curriculum. This consists of Super Learning Days (‘SLD’ which are primarily drop days in the Autumn and Spring Terms), Arts Week (in the Summer Term), morning, lunchtime and afterschool clubs, and other special events (refer to separate document for CEIAG, work related learning, entitlement, etc).

Super Learning Day & Arts Week


At Swanlea School, we believe trips, visits and journeys form an important part in empowering all students to realise our whole school vision and values. We seek to develop socially confident, responsible, resilient and independent learners through opportunities that complement our formal curriculum and allow all pupils to develop their cultural capital. All students have access to a comprehensive and inclusive series of trips throughout their school journey, comprising of rich and engaging learning experiences that students, particularly those who are disadvantaged, may not otherwise have access to. At Swanlea, we highly value the importance of each child’s personal development and our students relish the unique opportunities that they are given to extend and expand their learning.


A key component of our extended curriculum is for each child to leave Swanlea having accessed a broad range of experiences that support and contribute to their personal development. We aim to ensure every child has visited a range of museums, universities, theatres, and key attractions in and around London, permitting our young people to acquire new knowledge and skills whilst exploring and engaging with experiences that are not readily available within school. We enable our students to gain insights into various real-life experiences, including but not limited to the arts and crafts, sporting activities, debate clubs, speaking unions, finance and banking, career-based workshops, field trips, group challenges and access to green spaces. Additionally, Swanlea School is proud to offer the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award, a programme that instils crucial real-world skills within our students, enabling our young people to tackle life beyond school successfully and confidently.


The purpose of our extended curriculum is to provide a multitude of opportunities that support and enhance the development of every child’s social confidence, whilst promoting the core principles that underpin our whole school intent and vision; responsibility, resilience and independence. Exposure to a wide range of experiences allow our young people to learn and practise codes of conduct, develop new skills, competencies and attitudes whilst building an appreciation and understanding of different environments and cultures. Our vast selection of trips, visits and extra-curricular activities support pupils in developing their cultural capital, promoting character building qualities that steer our students to be well rounded, global citizens. We believe that these experiences shape pupils futures and provide them with the essential knowledge they need to be educated citizens, whilst engendering an appreciation of human creativity and achievement. This is validated through our extensive student voice programme where pupils passionately vocalise the positive impact of the opportunities, we provide them with.

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Headteacher: Ms. Brenda Landers