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A Levels and BTEC Curriculum Offer

Our A Levels and BTEC Curriculum Offer can be found here

Sixth Form PE Provision

Students in sixth form participate in physical activities once a week. Students are offered various choices to engage with their desired practical pathway. They are able to choose between games, individual, health & fitness and holistic practical pathways.  All physical activities reflect common opportunities that are available in the wider world outside of school. This gives them the opportunity to fully engage in a range of different physical activities which they appreciate. The aim of the curriculum offer is to ultimately encourage and embed a lifelong commitment to exercise and physical activity. Throughout the lessons students are constantly exposed to the message of the benefits of physical exercise and activity for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Students are also encouraged to develop and display soft skills within their practical environment which are key to adult life, both personally and professionally.

Entry Requirements

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Paper copies of curriculum and policies can be obtained on request for free.

SMSC curriculum map

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