The Super Set

The maths super set consists of students who have sat an early exam, achieving a grade B or higher. The super set was created to give that extra nudge, giving them the opportunity to get top grades.
Students have access to A-Level material and are given the chance to do exams, gaining these qualifications. It is these same qualifications that give students UCAS points, putting them ahead before even doing their GCSEs. The super set has proven to be a massive benefit to the achievement of Swanlea students as the number of A/A* has significantly improved. It has also encouraged students to think more about their future career paths, some even thinking about becoming doctors and engineers. Teachers have also noticed an increase in the excitement during lessons, where students are now showing how much they love the subject by getting more involved.
The super set has provided an environment where a positive attitude towards maths is nurtured, creating a much more fun way to explore maths.

maths super set