Here you can find a range of policy documents detailing the schools procedures and regulations:

Paper copies of our policies can be obtained on request for free from the main school office.


Privacy Notice for Parents (9/10/2021) - Privacy Notice for Pupils and Parents
Recruitment Policy (9/10/2021) - Recruitment policy – Nov 2020
Complaints Policy (7/19/2021) - Complaints Policy – Jan20
Visitors Policy (7/19/2021) - Visitors Policy – Jul 2023
Supporting Pupils with Medical Condition Policy (6/17/2021) - Supporting Pupils with Medical Condition Policy
Secondary Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Policy 2021 (6/17/2021) - Secondary Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Policy 2021
Pupil Premium Strategy Statement (5/27/2021) - Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 20-21 (1)
CEIAG programme (4/21/2021) - Careers – CEIAG Programme for web publish v2 – Mar21
Inclusion SEND Policy September 2021 (4/21/2021) - Inclusion SEND Policy September 2021
Charging Policy (3/30/2021) - Arrangements for charging must conform to the charging and remissions arrangements that The Governing Body has drawn up as a statement of its policy. Click to view: Charging Policy
Safeguarding Child Protection Policy 2021 (2/3/2021) - Safeguarding Child Protection Policy – Jan 21
Visitor CP Information Sheet 2021 (2/3/2021) - Visitors CP Information Sheet 2021
More Able Policy 2021 (2/3/2021) - More Able Policy 2021
Behaviour Policy 2020 – 21 (2/3/2021) - Behaviour Policy 2020 21
Anti-Bullying Policy 2021 (2/3/2021) - Anti-Bullying Policy 2021
Acceptable Use Policy (Student and Visitors) – Nov20 (1/5/2021) - Acceptable Use Policy (Student and Visitors) – Nov20
Health & Safety Policy (1/5/2021) - Health & Safety Policy 2020
Lettings Policy (1/5/2021) - Lettings Policy Nov 2020
Exams Policy (3/6/2020) - Exams Policy 2020
Physical Activity Policy (3/6/2020) - Physical Activity Policy – Jan 2020
Ex Offenders Policy (2/4/2020) - Ex Offenders Policy 
Pupils Suffering Financial Hardship Policy – Jan 2020 (1/28/2020) - Please click the link to view the following policy: Pupils Suffering Financial Hardship Policy – Jan 2020
Behaviour Governors’ Written Statement – Jan 2020 (1/28/2020) - Please click the link to see the following policy Behaviour Governors’ Written Statement – Jan 2020
Accessibility Policy Jan 2020 (1/28/2020) - Click here to view this policy Accessibility Policy Jan 2020
Pupil Premium 2019 and 20 (1/28/2020) - Click here to see this policy PUPIL PREMIUM 2019 AND 20
Data Protection Policy – Jan 2020 (1/28/2020) - Please click the link for the Data Protection Policy – Jan 2020
Home School Contract (5/24/2019) - Home School Contract
CCTV Policy (3/18/2019) - CCTV cameras are now a familiar sight throughout the country. They are one of the many measures being introduced to help prevent crime and make communities safer places to live, … Continue reading CCTV Policy
Debt Recovery Policy (3/18/2019) - Swanlea School is now predominantly a cashless school, with parents making payments for dinner/tuck money on-line via ‘ipayipact’. However, we will not allow a child to go without a dinner … Continue reading Debt Recovery Policy
Lockdown Policy (3/18/2019) - As part of our Health and Safety policies and procedures the school has a Lockdown Policy. For the full policy please click HERE
Homework Policy (2/8/2019) - The purpose of homework at Swanlea School is to deepen understanding and consolidate learning to prepare pupils very well for work to come.  Homework will be: challenging; set in line … Continue reading Homework Policy
Fundraising Policy (2/5/2019) - Swanlea School recognises fundraising as a legitimate activity, undertaken at our school and based on our values.   To read the full policy please click here: Fundraising Policy
ASDAN Policies (5/18/2018) - Please see below for the ASDAN policies ASDAN Equal Opportunities Diversity Policy ASDAN Appeals Policy ASDAN Malpractice Policy
Whole School Foods Policy (1/18/2017) - Our school recognises the importance of good nutrition on pupils’ emotional and physical health and wellbeing and the affects this has on an individual child’s ability to maximise their educational … Continue reading Whole School Foods Policy
Governors Allowance Policy (1/18/2017) - This policy statement has been developed in accordance with the Education (Governor’s Allowance) Regulations 2003… Governors Allowance Policy
The Swanlea Book (1/4/2017) - The Swanlea Book is a whole school initiative to ensure that every year group, every subject, every teacher and every student has the same consistent approach to the layout and … Continue reading The Swanlea Book
Freedom of Information (8/11/2016) - One of the aims of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (which is referred to as FOIA in the rest of this document) is that public authorities, including all maintained … Continue reading Freedom of Information
DfE Performance Table (8/11/2016) - The link below will re-direct you to the DfE performance table for Swanlea School. Click here: Swanlea DfE Performance Table  
School Admission Arrangements (8/11/2016) - To find out how to apply for a place at Swanlea School, please follow the link below. This will take you to the Towerhamlets Council website. Click here: TOWERHAMLETS ADMISSIONS … Continue reading School Admission Arrangements
Leave During School Term (1/26/2016) - Thinking of taking your child out of school in term time? New legislation introduced in September 2013 states that holidays during term time, can no- longer be authorised unless in … Continue reading Leave During School Term
Online Safety – Advice for Parents (11/4/2015) - The parent/child relationship is the foundation to keeping children safe and supporting their social development and educational attainment. View Document: TH Advice to Parents
OFSTED Report (8/28/2015) - In OFSTED’S most recent appraisal of Swanlea School’s services, it judged the school to be ‘Outstanding’. View the full report on the link below. OFSTED Report
6th Form Uniform (8/28/2015) - Download the attached file to view the Swanlea KS3 uniform specifications. 6th Form Uniform
KS4 Uniform (8/28/2015) -
KS3 Uniform (8/28/2015) -  
Equality at Swanlea (8/28/2015) - Swanlea embraces people from all cultures and all walks of life. Please click on the link to view our Equality and Diversity Policy
Attendance & Punctuality Policy (8/28/2015) - At Swanlea School we expect all our students to have outstanding punctuality and attendance. The evidence is clear, students with poor attendance and punctuality underperform in their GCSEs & A … Continue reading Attendance & Punctuality Policy