Science Ambassadors Success!

On Wednesday 22nd March 2017 Swanlea School was host to Science Ambassadors Day. This project has been running for several years and is a great opportunity for Year 5 students from the East 1 Partnership Schools to experience science in a secondary school environment. We certainly enjoy hosting the event!

We invited a few students and an adult from each Year 5 group to join us for the day as ‘Science Ambassadors’. Together with our very own Science teacher, Ms Roberts, they carried out a range of experiments at Swanlea, becoming expert ambassadors. Students then went back to their respective schools with goody bags containing most of the equipment needed, to teach the rest of their class how to carry out the investigations.

A few of the many experiments they carried out was discovering how to take fingerprints, building a bridge out of paper and magnets, finding out how a Van Der Graaf electrostatic generator works  and of course discovering how to, safely, make reactions with fire!

We can’t wait for next year’s Science Ambassadors Day!