Skills & Opportunities at Swanlea

On Wednesday 1st May, Swanlea School hosted a ‘Skills & Opportunities Event’ with Year 8 students, delivered by Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership.

The event was divided into various workshops, each one developing a key employability, enterprise or financial concept or skill. The media company NBC Universal supported the event with 35 business volunteers working with the students in small groups.

These events are designed to raise the aspirations and confidence of the students while giving them practical help and advice for the future.

Comments from the students included:

‘We enjoyed making the paper tower because it made us work together and help us communicate with each other more. We also enjoyed filling out the ‘Who Am I’ sheet because it helped us choose what we wanted to do.’

‘We learnt about soft skills, what others wanted to be. We also learnt whatever you do have to put your heart in it and never let others decide what you want to be.’

‘We enjoyed communicating with the group and learning new information. We also enjoyed creating a CV and talking to the volunteers.’

Comments from the volunteers included:

‘The students were fantastic and surprising. Their energy and intelligence really showed, I felt their confidence and team building skills were greatly improved by the end of the day.’

‘I believe the students gained a better understanding of their own skills, the team building activities helped the students to understand and learn how team working is done.’

‘I believe the students gained a good introduction to talking about careers and skills they need. The opportunity to talk to people outside school/family environment.’

‘I believe the students who wanted to learn or gain an insight, I felt they took a sense of media as a career where as others learnt a few tools to use when applying for jobs.’