Sport For All

Access Sport ( has teamed up with Swanlea school to deliver a series of specialised sports sessions aimed at students in the inclusion department. The purpose of the sessions were to open students to the physical and social benefits of participating in sport.

The sessions were delivered in two, six-week blocks with the first block focusing on BMX bike riding and bike maintenance. The second block of sessions were centred around the game of hockey. Due to the accessibility needs of the students, the sessions utilised specially modified pieces of equipment to allow greater participation from the students. For example the BMX sessions used special tricycles for those who needed the extra support and the hockey sessions used specially modified sticks for students who were bound to their wheelchairs.

All in all, the students had a great time and gained a great deal from the sessions. Ms. Natascia Maita (a teacher in Swanlea’s inclusion department) had the following to say:

“The kids really loved the sessions. It allowed them to bond not only with each other, but also the instructors. It taught them skills like following instructions, listening to one another and working together in teams”.

A big thank you to Access Sport for their involvement in the sessions.




ABOUT ACCESS SPORTS: These clubs are aimed at ages 11+ and primarily target those who do not currently participate in much sport/ physically inactive, as well as those with difficulties with travel, finances or with lower levels of confidence, encouragement or limited available opportunities. This specific satellite club is an inclusive club, focussing on those with any level of disability to ensure there is no exclusion of those with disabilities or learning difficulties.