Swanlea School Year 7 Transition Summer School

We held a summer school for some of our incoming new Year 7 pupils for a week from 9th Aug to 13th Aug. We invited a total of 42 pupils (both pupil premium and non-pupil premium pupils were identified, with selecting who we felt would benefit most from our transition provision.  From the 42 pupils invited, 35 attended the Summer School and took part in many activities including: getting to know the school and its routines, discussing hopes and wishes and addressing any worries.  Alongside this, pupils also had sessions on literacy, numeracy and science classes.   They were also introduced to lego therapy, gardening, cooking, as well as some PE and games time.

The students all had a wonderful time getting to know each other and our key pastoral staff, including members of the Inclusion Department.  As a special treat, for lunch every day our pupils received a Subway meal and other healthy snacks and refreshments, in our newly landscaped garden area.

The breakdown of costs for the summer school is set out below:

Meals and Refreshments                                 £583.45

Resources for Summer School activities  £1094.17

Staff Salaries for Summer School               £4531.56

TOTAL FUNDING                                                 £6209.18