Swanlea’s Social Action

During a 6 week project, nine year 9 students worked with State Street Employees, Volunteering Matters and Think Forward to explore mental health and create a podcast on the topic.

This was a social action project giving our students the chance to talk about issues affecting young people and to inform adults on the best way to approach the subject with them.

The students had to complete four sessions with the support of State Street Mentors to explore what is mental health, how does it affect them, what do they know about the subject, what would they like to share about the subject.

Session one was information gathering, Session 2 looked in more detail about some of the causes and outcomes of Mental Health, Session 3 was mic work and debates and finally we created a podcast.

The students were amazing with a number of them producing excellent and thoughtful content. They were supportive of the group and they were considerate around what people did and did not want to say.