Year 8 Athletics Tournament

On Tuesday 26th February, Year 8 participated in an indoor athletics at Lee Valley Athletics Centre.

The first events were field events for the Year 8s. Our shot-putter and triple jumper got high scores and lengths, but due to the fierce competition others came higher and both the boys came 4th or 5th (not clearly specified at the time). Our high jumper came 1st place with ease.

In the 400m (two laps around the track), our runner stayed in 2nd place throughout the whole race but nearly lost it at the end.  Thankfully he sprinted the final straight to the finish line, coming in second!

Next was 200m and 60m. In both sprints, tension rose as lots of sprinters were quite evenly as fast as each other. Fortunately, both of Swanlea’s sprinters won their races.

Last, but not least, was the intense relay race – which was 1 lap for each runner. The final runner was in 3rd place but then paced the final straight to finish Swanlea’s relay team in 2nd place.

At the end of the tournament, Swanlea were declared 5th place out of the 11 schools. Well done to all involved!