A-Levels Success! 2018

Well done to all our year 13 students who received amazing results for their A- Level exams. We are incredibly proud of the achievements of our students and wish them all the best at university.

Below is a list of what some of our top achievers will be doing next:

Tarin Pasha – 3As – Government & Politics at LSE

Nadiyah Shah 1A*, 1A, 1C – Architecture at Kent University

Barwaqo Jama – 1 A + 2 Bs – Economics at SOAS

Hamza Rashid – 1 A + 2 Bs – Computer Science at Queen Mary University

Yasmine Boujdi – 1 A, 1 B, 1 C – Economics at Queen Mary University

Shumana Begum – 1A, 1B, 1C – Psychology at Queen Mary University

Our BTEC students did incredibly well too, with majority of our students achieving a Distinction* (D*) or/and Distinction (D)! Below are some of our top achieving BTEC students:

Mahfuz Hussain – D*, D*, D*

Fahad Hussen  – D*, D*, D*

Tahir Alam  – D*, D*, D*

Zara Bilal – D*, D*, D*

Tanjina Aktar – D*, D*, D*

Shakil Ahmed – D*, D*, D

Anisur Rahman – D*, D*, D*

Syed Ali – D*, D*, D*

Syeda Haque – D*, D*, D*

Amir Hamza – D*, D*, D*

Tasnim Sultana – D*, D*, D*

Zaida Islam -D*, D*, D*

Rujina Mukit D*, D*, D*

Shaymaa Mohammed D*, D*, D*

Mahir Ahmed – D*, D*, D

Syed Amhed – D*, D*, D

Ismaeel Rahman – D*, D*, D

Arif Abdul – D*, D*, D

Jawad Haque – D*, D*, D

Mahdi Rahman – D*, D*, D

Shafi Islam – D*, D*, D

Neha Hoque – D*, D, D

Rima Begum – D*, D, D


Finally, well done and congratulations to the winners of the Swanlea Sixth Form Governors Bursary.

The Swanlea Sixth Form Governors Bursary was introduced in 2017 and is awarded annually to 3/4 successful year 13 students who are going to university, have met their target grades and have achieved 94% and over in attendance and punctuality.

The bursaries are worth £7500 for a three-year university course.

This year we have awarded the bursary to:

Tarin Pasha – will be studying Government & Politics at LSE

Barwaqo Jama – will be studying Economics at SOAS

Hamza Rashid – will be studying Computer Science at Queen Mary University

Mahfuz Hussain – will be studying Computer Science at Goldsmiths University

Congratulations to all our students for achieving such successful results and a massive thank you to all our dedicated staff, parents/carers and governors for supporting us in achieving these results!