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  • Ramadan 2024

    Ramadan – 2024

  • Aspire Week 2024

    Aspire Week 2024

    Aspire Week 2024 Swanlea School Aspire Week is taking place Monday 26th February to Monday 4th March 2024. During this week, all students will be learning about careers linked to the subjects […]

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  • GDPR

    General Data Protection Regulation The UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) ensures a balance between an individual’s rights to privacy and the lawful processing of personal data undertaken by […]

  • Trade Union

    Trade Union Facility Time By law, trade union representatives are entitled to reasonable paid time off from their regular job to enable them to perform their union duties and to […]

  • Authentication

    Dear Colleagues, This weekend Second factor Authentication will be turned on, you will be prompted to enter an additional method to sign you into our system when not on our […]

  • HPV Letter from Vaccinations Team


  • Careers Education

    Careers Education Our school has an embedded careers programme that aims to inform and encourage pupils to consider their career options and take steps to understand their choices and pathways. […]

  • Careers (CEIAG)

    Careers (CEIAG) Each year at Swanlea, we dedicate a whole week to increasing our students’ knowledge and interest in positive opportunities for the future. Aspire Week involves a full range of activities […]

  • Curriculum

    Curriculum See detailed informaiton about the curriculum at Swanlea and how it is applied to help our students aspire and achieve increasingly successful results each year. The national curriculum secondary […]