Do not swim in the Shadwell Basin – it’s not worth the risk

A reminder that swimming in Shadwell Basin is strictly forbidden.

With temperatures rising, it might look tempting to take a dip during the hot weather, but it is extremely dangerous. The water is deep, cold and there are underwater obstructions not visible from the surface. Sadly, people have drowned in Shadwell Basin in recent years. 

Tower Hamlets’ enforcement officers regularly patrol the area to help ensure people are doing the right thing, but visitors must do their bit by paying attention to the signs and staying out of the water. Anyone swimming in the basin will be in breach of by-laws.

In some cases, visitors to Shadwell Basin have not followed guidelines on social distancing. This remains essential as part of efforts to tackle coronavirus and we ask everyone to please continue to follow guidelines to protect themselves and our most vulnerable residents.

Find out more about water safety.