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Swanlea musicians hitting the high notes!

Following an outstanding Christmas concert at the end of last term, exam fever hit Swanlea’s music department as they welcomed Examiner Simon Rushby from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music to examine their largest ever cohort of instrumentalists on Friday 13th January.

A full day of examinations kicked off at 9:30am with the violinists and violas with their tutor, Mr Gea. After break it was the turn of the cellos with Miss Morse and trumpets and trombone with Mr Bearman. After lunch, bassoons, flutes and recorders got the afternoon off to a flying start with Mr Bescoby and Ms Wackett. Clarinets and saxophone with Mr McConkey took the after school session through to 5:30pm. A long day for some!

Speaking of her musicians, Head of Music, Mrs Coulson said “I am immensely proud of the commitment and resilience our students have shown in their preparation for these important exams. There has been a real buzz in the department for the weeks leading up to the performances and the musicians have made huge progress on their instruments. They have put in 100% effort and I was delighted when the examiner praised “a thriving and successful music department”. Now, it’s a waiting game until the results come in!”


We look forward to sharing the results with you in the next newsletter.

Celebrating Black History Month 2022 at Swanlea School

Why are we celebrating Black History Month? 

People from African and Caribbean backgrounds have been a fundamental part of British history for centuries. However, campaigners believe their value and contribution to society is often overlooked, ignored or distorted. Black History Month gives everyone the opportunity to share, celebrate and understand the impact of black heritage and culture to modern Britain. 

How are we celebrating Black History Month?  

As part of black history month, we have a range of assemblies delivered by senior members of staff focussing on the major contribution of amongst others artists, writers, politicians, scientists, public figures and sports personalities. 

Form groups will research the lives of prominent Black personalities, both past and present, and their achievements with the aim to complete a display challenge.  

We will celebrate the significant contribution of the Windrush generation to the NHS, London Transport and public services with a large display in the Mall.  

The Library will promote the works of Black writers to encourage students to read the very best of Black British literature.  

The school will highlight other major contributions by Black people and their role in creating the modern, vibrant, diverse society that is Britain today.  

Make music in Tower Hamlets

The Tower Hamlets Arts & Music Education Service (THAMES) provides opportunities for children and young people to learn a musical instrument and express themselves both in and out of school, by taking part in choirs, ensembles and projects including:

  1. Children’s Choir – Mondays after school (7–11 year olds)
  2. Wednesday Music Centre – Wednesdays after school (7-11 year olds)
  3. Saturday Music Centre – Saturday mornings (7-18 year olds)
  4. Soundbox inclusive ensemble for disabled and non-disabled young people, fortnightly on Saturdays (11-25 year olds)
  5. Youth Orchestra – during school holidays (11-21 year olds)

Opportunities are either free or heavily subsidised and open to children and young people who live or go to school in Tower Hamlets.

SEND Support Group for Parents

Would you like to meet other parents of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), pick up some useful information and hear some interesting guest speakers?

Come along to the weekly SEND support group for parents, facilitated by the SEND Information, Advice and Support Service (IASS).

SEND support group for parents

Thursdays during term time10am- 12pm

Parents Advice Centre30 Greatorex Street, E1 5NP

Emotional First Aid for parents

The Emotional First Aid course will help you understand your own emotional needs so that you can develop positive emotional health. Over the six-week course, you will pick up some practical self-care tips that are the foundations to good mental health.

Emotional First Aid course for parents 

Fridays, 16 September – 21 October, 10am – 12.30pm

Delivered in person in E2

For more details or to join the course, email parenting@towerhamlets.gov.uk 

You could get money towards the costs of childcare

If you are a working parent, you may be able to get up to £500 every three months to help with the cost of childcare. If you have a disabled child, you could get up to £1,000 every three months under the government’s Tax-Free Childcare scheme.

The money can be used to pay for childminders, nurseries, play schemes, holiday clubs and before/after school childcare clubs.

Depending on your circumstances you could also receive other support with childcare costs.

Keeping Children Safe Online in Year 6 and 7

Towards the end of primary school and the start of secondary school is a time when many children get their first mobile phone and may start to become more active online. As a parent, it’s important you stay informed so that you can protect your child from online dangers.

The Parental Engagement Team has devised a special online safety session to help. The ‘Platform to Talk’ session will give you an insight into your child’s online world and you will pick up some useful tips to help keep them safe.

Platform to Talk – Keeping Children Safe Online in Year 6 and 7

Friday 16 September, 10- 11am

Delivered online through Zoom