Swanlea Supports NHS

Technology Department Makes 100 Visors

Ms Obike, Head of Design & Technology at Swanlea School arranged for 100 visors to be created for staff at the Royal London Hospital. The visors will protect doctors and nurses from the risk of infection, as they work to treat patients who are suffering with Covid-19.

Ms Obike utilised equipment that would normally be used by students to design and create projects, or by teachers demonstrating practical techniques in relation to design and technology.

Mr Moore assisted Ms Obike by sourcing the materials to complete the task. Mr Mitchelmore joined her and her partner as they worked with laser cutters, paper trimmers, hole-punchers, and other materials to make the visors.

Ms Obike says:

“We were working pretty much like an assembly line, cutting the material, sterilising the parts, assembling the parts and then bagging them for delivery”.

Our departments of Design & Technology and Science previously donated hundreds of goggles, gloves and aprons to support staff at the Royal London Hospital before Easter.

The most recent donation was arranged in response to the increasing need for PPE, which includes visors and gloves, as documented widely in the news. Ms Obike added:

“Key workers within the NHS are potentially risking their lives every day, to ensure that our lives are okay. I wanted to help in a small way, so that they could do something big. I come from a family of NHS workers, close friends who are doctors and nurses, so it is very dear to me.”