Tower Hamlets Talking Therapies offer free webinars for parents

Since the recent announcement of schools being closed, it has meant a lot of sudden changes for parents which can have an impact on mental wellbeing.  Tower Hamlets Talking Therapies is offering two free webinars to support parents.

Managing my child during lockdown – 19th of January at 4pm

This webinar aims to look at common difficulties a parent may face when having their child at home while schools are closed and strategies to manage.

Managing my self care as a parent during lockdown – 2nd of February at 4pm

Self care can be commonly forgotten as a parent so this webinar aims to act as a refresher and reminder of the importance of self care and how to ensure parents make time for themselves.

Please note, both webinars are only available to parents who have a registered address and/or registered GP in the Tower Hamlets. The deadline to register is 24 hours prior to the day and time of the webinar.

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